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Purple Top Turnips - 5 lb

Purple Top Turnips - 5 lb

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Purple Top Turnip Seed - 5 lb bag. Turnips are a cool season biennial plant in the brassica group. It grows rapidly making it good for short growing seasons. Deer eat both the leafy tops and the turnip, especially after a good frost.

Seeding depth: 1/4 - 1/2 inch.
Seeding date: summer to late summer.
Seeding rate: 8-12 (broadcast), 4-6 lb/ac (drilled).
Size: 5 lb net (will seed approximately a 1/2 to 1 acre).

Soil test for best lime and fertilizer recommendations. If no soil test available, apply 100-30-30 (N-P2O5-K20) at planting.

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Customer Reviews

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Log_Construction 1990
Grew great!! Photo is 3 weeks after planting

Grew really well. I mixed clover with it. Got rain right after seeding and it has flourished since.

Grows good

Grows good and easy to plant. Made turnips as big as volleyball.

John D.
So far so good

The seeds arrived on time and in good condition. I planted three separate plots 1 week apart from the last. The first two have already started to come up and are looking nice. One thing to know if your not a farmer like me and don't have special planting equipment. The seeds are very very small so following the planting instruction would take for EVER. While I did make rows 1/4" deep or so and also covered the seeds I sprinkled the seeds instead of measuring between each. I'm hoping that they will still grow and produce Turnips even though they are mostly on top of each other. I'll let you know and maybe next year I'll have an army of helpers help me sow them properly.

j rogers
Good Seed!

I thought the price was high but I wanted to be sure I was getting quality seed. The bag said 92% germination. I believe it was more like 100% as I think every seed has sprouted. The seed sprouted in two days after planting and on the fourth day my plot is turning green with turnip sprouts. The deer are coming though the plot every day to check to see if they are ready to eat! I'll probably buy three bags next year to plant another 1.5 acres.

Timothy Wilt
Plant 1/8 of in inch. Broadcast

Food plot. Heard it was great for deer. Have to wait and see