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Frosty Forage - 1/8 Acre

Frosty Forage - 1/8 Acre

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Frosty Forage Food Plot Mix - 1/8 acre bag. Great late season food source for deer. Mix of cool season grasses and legumes that stays green late into fall. Winter hardy, some species will overwinter into the spring.

Seeding depth: 1 - 1-1/2 inch.
Seeding date: late summer or early fall.
Seeding rate: 72-80 lb/ac.
Size: 9 lb (will seed 1/8 acre).

22.5% Winter Rye, 22.5% Winter Wheat, 22.5% Winter Triticale, 22.5% Winter Peas, & 10% Forage Oats.

Soil test for best lime and fertilizer recommendations. If no soil test available, apply 50-30-30 (N-P2O5-K20) at planting.

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