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Eagle Seed - Green & Gold - Corn and Soybean Mix

Eagle Seed - Green & Gold - Corn and Soybean Mix

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Green and Gold was new in 2021. Combining the best forage soybean on the market for food plotters, Large Lad RR Soybeans and RR Corn. This blend gives you the best of both worlds. With Large Lad, you will get a forage soybean that will stay green 6 to 8 weeks longer than regular soybeans. This plot offers a soybean that is able to reach 84 inches, stays green months longer than regular beans, able to withstand the heaviest of grazing pressures and produces twice as many nodes as regular beans. The RR corn in this blend provides standing corn well into and through the coldest late season hunts. One bag plants one acre.

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