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Daikon Radish - 5 lb

Daikon Radish - 5 lb

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Daikon Radish Seed - 5 lb bag. Radishes are a cool season annual forage that is part of the brassica family. Fast growing radishes produce long taproots. Deer will consume the tops and taproots with the taproots providing an excellent source of energy during the winter.

Seeding depth: 1/4 -1/2 inch.
Seeding date: summer to late summer.
Seeding rate (broadcast): 10-12 (broadcast), 6-8 lb/ac (drilled).
Size: 5 lb net (will seed approximately a 1/2 acre).

Soil test for best lime and fertilizer recommendations. If no soil test available, apply 100-30-30 (N-P2O5-K20) at planting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Germination!

I bought these to try and help break up my clay soil over time. I am very pleased. I just scattered them all over a disturbed area topped with a little bit of wood chips I had from some tree trimming and they're growing in abundance with very little input from me. so far so good!

Jake C.
Grady to grow

Very simple to get to grow. Literally throw it on your prepped dirt bed. Hand toss it out either during a rain storm or cover it afterward with straw or 1/4 inch of dirt and set back and let Mother Nature do her thing.

Will Grow Where Nothing Else Will

The last two years I planted Daikon radishes in very poor soil. I didn't plant until August last year and got a good crop considering the conditions. The deer ate the tops during the warmer weather and later dug the radishes out of the ground until snowcover prevented that. I planted this year and with no rain the radishes still sprouted which surprised me. Daikon radishes are as close to a fail safe food plot as you can get.

Nick D
This stuff is the bomb

Fast germination. Grew great with little rain. Deer won’t leave it alone here in NJ

Sherry L Killen
Hale Habitat's seeds are great!

I have used Hale Habitat's buckwheat seeds and Daikon radish seeds (both were 5 pound bags). I planted buckwheat in June for my honeybees (there is a summer dearth in Georgia). The seeds germinated in a few days and flowered for 2-3 weeks. My bees were ALL OVER the flowers. We harvested the seeds, replanted, and continue to grow it. We just planted Hale's Daikon radish seeds (to amend our hard clay soil) and they germinated in 3 days! I've been very pleased with Hale Habitat's seeds and I highly recommend them.