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Buckwheat - 5 lb

Buckwheat - 5 lb

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Buckwheat Seed - 5 lb bag. Buckwheat is a fast growing summer annual which is commonly planted for summer forage and terminated prior to planting fall food plots. Great for weed suppression and adding organic matter back into the soil.

Seeding Depth: 1/2 - 1 inch.
Seeding Rate: 50-100 (drilled) or 100-120 lb/acre (broadcast). Seeding Date: Summer to late summer.
Size: 5 lb net (will seed approximately 1/10 acre).

Soil test for best lime and fertilizer recommendations. If no soil test available, apply 40-30-30 (N-P2O5-K20) at planting.

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Customer Reviews

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Kessie Vaughn
Quick to grow

I tossed this out with no prep and it has exploded with growth. I am very happy with this product.

Pretty good

We planted this seed in a meadow/drainage section of our property that has been invaded by weeds. The buckwheat is definitely filling in and overshadowing some of the weeds. I doubt it's going to out-compete some of the larger plants, like pokeweed. But overall I'd say it is worth the effort.

Bought multiple times with consistently high quality. Will continue to buy from.

Our bees love it and it grows fantastic. If there are bad seeds they are so few and far between. Superb quality.

All Good

All Good

Brandon Krause
Buckwheat seed

Highly recommend! This was the first time I used their seed and I used their buckwheat and to my satisfaction they sprouted in just a few day’s beautifully!! I’m using this as a cover crop in one of my micro kill plots roughly between a 1/4 of an acre to 1/8 of an acre in size. I had near perfect germination all by hand, no power equipment ( ATV, Tractor, rototoller etc.) first sprayed glyphosate to kill existing weeds fully then waited approx 10 days and I raked all debri from the ground w a leaf rake I then spread approx 500# of lime and 20# of 13-13-13 fertilizer. Note: I did this the day before rain was “GUARANTEED “ in the forecast! Now the guaranteed rain imo is the most important if you want near perfect success rate in germination on top of the prep work involved raking for proper seed to soil contact! I then went out and hand spread w a bag spreader 10# of buckwheat!